Transformational Change

The Board and administrative team have had opportunities recently to work with an expert on how organizations tackle transformational change. We have all found it quite helpful, especially because it put words to some of the things we were experiencing as we undertake a major transformational change–elimination of race-based gaps in discipline, participation, and achievement. While the information we’ve learned is quite extensive, this post is going to focus on some of the big pieces. Continue reading

Student Safety

As we are all struggling to comprehend yet another tragic school shooting, I thought it would be helpful to share some thoughts regarding how we approach student safety in City Schools of Decatur (CSD). I will also share some thoughts about the school walkouts that others are planning. Continue reading



There are times in life when we are provided with a perspective that helps us frame the challenges of day-to-day living. Tonight is one of those moments for me.

I just learned that a student from my previous school district passed away this afternoon, after battling cancer for over a year. I have followed his and his family’s journey from afar. His strength, tenacity, and optimism have fueled me and countless others. This young man and his amazing family have demonstrated so clearly what love and compassion look like in daily actions. My heart breaks reading his mother’s words: Continue reading