Strategic Reorganization

Strategic Reorganization

As most readers of this blog likely know, earlier this school year we finished our Strategic Improvement Plan. That plan was the culmination of a great deal of study and input into how best to move our district forward. District leaders have been working hard on implementing the action steps from that plan.

Initially, I had planned to add the position of Associate Superintendent in order to help move this plan forward. Upon further reflection, however, I decided to go in a different direction. I studied our plan and began sketching out what an organization designed to achieve the plan’s objectives would look like. Over the holiday break, I worked and re-worked the plan time and time again until I came up with a draft that I felt was representative of my vision for what was needed to move us along. I shared that draft with district leaders on several occasions and received very helpful feedback and ideas. I used that input, and extensive reflection, to craft the draft plan that I presented to the Board on 2/21/17 and to the Teacher Advisory Council on 2/22/17. (That presentation is below. While it is definitely not a substitute for a live presentation, I hope the slides below will give the reader a feel for what I am trying to accomplish.)

For me, it was critical that we have an organizational structure that could adequately address our strategic priorities. We needed a structure that breaks down organizational silos and instead encourages cross-department collaboration. For the last year and a half, I have been considering the strengths and opportunities for improvement in our district leadership team. It became clear that we were not fully utilizing the specific strengths of each individual and sometimes we were putting folks in situations that exasperated their areas needing improvement. I was pleased to see that the org chart I was envisioning also was a great fit with the specific strengths of the individuals on our leadership team, albeit sometimes in different roles than what they currently served.

Our #1 strategic priority is to reduce disproportionality. Therefore, in the coming days, I will be posting an Equity Director position. This role will be focused entirely on this priority. The person selected will lead the district’s efforts to eliminate disproportionality in achievement, discipline, participation, and any other areas we identify over the course of our work. Other than that one additional FTE, all other positions in the structure are existing positions, positions that have been re-purposed from existing positions, or positions that are added as part of our normal increased staffing needs due to growth.

The new organizational structure will serve as the blueprint for our staffing moving forward. Some portions of the plan will be put into place immediately, and others may take a year or more to transition into. I will soon be able to share who will be serving in each leadership role and will be getting any vacancies posted as soon as possible.

I am excited to share this development with you and hope you will take advantage of any opportunities to see this information shared in person. Principals have a copy of this presentation and I am happy to work presentations into my schedule for interested groups or schools.

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