Working Group to Eliminate Disproportionality

Since the start of the school year, we’ve been talking about concerns I have with disproportionality (see 10/11/16 Board meeting or Facebook for the initial presentation to the Board). It’s time for action on this important topic, so I’m looking for folks willing to assist the district with our work on eliminating disproportionality in student achievement, discipline, participation, etc. We need expertise in various areas, including developing cultural competence, best practices in curriculum and instruction, demographics, sociology, statistics, survey methodology, data presentation, etc.

This working group will review available data, identify and procure additional data sources, develop analysis frameworks, identify areas of greatest concern and best practices in addressing those areas, and develop appropriate metrics for monitoring progress. Much of the work of the group can be done individually, virtually, or in small groups, but some work will need to be completed as an entire group in face-to-face meetings. Time commitments will vary depending on areas of expertise and interest.

If you are interested in assisting the district with this important work, or know of someone who might be, please complete the form at We hope to get this working group formed during January/February 2017 and will work with selected members to establish a calendar of activities at that time.

Note that I hope folks more creative than me can come up with a better name than Elimination of Disproportionality Working Group for this group, so this should be considered a “working title” for the group. Suggestions received so far:

  • Working Group to Eliminate Disproportionality (I hadn’t noticed the dual-meaning of the original name, so have gone ahead and changed to this name for the time being)
  • Working Group on Proportional Representation
  • The working group to maximize inclusion for disproportioned students
  • C RED Committee for Action.. Using šŸ’— to end the šŸ”„ ReducingEducationalDisproportionality