More Enrollment Information

Twice a year, the district works with the Georgia Department of Education to certify our official enrollment. The following data are from our October certified enrollments this year (2016-17) and previous years. As promised in my last post on this topic (2016-17 Enrollment), here are some additional analyses of these data.

The following two graphs are repeats from the last post, with some minor improvements to them.



The following graph presents grade level enrollments by school for the 2016-17 school year.


It’s interesting to examine the relative sizes of our grade levels and how they have changed over time.


Each of our grade levels grow a little differently. The following set of graphs present year-over-year enrollments by grade level, along with the associated percent change for each year.

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Many of us in the community, myself included, are concerned with the decreasing racial diversity in our schools. The following graphs present information on distributions by race. The “Non-White” categorization includes students from all races other than White, including, for instance, our Black, Hispanic, and Asian students, as well as our students indicating multiple races. The vast majority of our students are either White or Black, so the “Non-White” categorization is designed to present information on our diversity without leaving out information on students who are part of very small categories.


While the count of “Non-White” students continues to increase along with the count of White students, the percentage of the total enrollment represented by the former has been steadily decreasing for many years.


The following graphs present the same information for each grade level individually.

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I hope you have found this information helpful. I look forward to sharing future data analyses for your consideration.